vendredi, novembre 26, 2010

Passion naissante

A long time ago, the deer kind was condemned to die with the last of the kind, Doenès. The vice-admiral of the Armada - being the last survivor of her kind - fueled then a pure hated toward the responsible - the humans. Her leitmotiv was quite simple. To avenge the fallen.
Surprisingly, the grand-admiral Daji Kitsune gave her the command of the Bubastis Defense, with the intimate conviction that she, of all the furry, was the only one to have a heart and so mercy toward the humans. It is said that Doenès slapped the grand-admiral for the blasphemy she enunciated then.
To the end, Daji was right. When the grand-admiral sacrificed herself for the sake of both sides on Earth, Doenès finally listened to her heart and offered a truce to the defeated enemies on Bubastis.
War was over, thanks to the last deer and to the genius prediction of a silver vixen.

Decades, centuries, thousand of years have past. All of this would be legend if the nation doesn't respect if for what it is - a lesson of tolerance and love.
Decades of bio-engineering formed clones of Doenès to be the next generation of deers. Some argued that it was a blaspehmy against gods, but with time, they finally accepted the truth.
The deers - that specie that wasn't designed for war - was the key to put an end to the Exodus.

Being the new generation, a young couple of deers is about to enjoy an intimate moment, to give a chance to a future generation.
They are a symbol of peace.

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